Pursue a fulfilling career in the field of Holistic Therapy

Start your journey towards creating your own private wellness practice or be sought after to work within top spas/clinics within the region.

Holistic Therapy Short Courses

Gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide holistic therapy treatments.

Intake is currently open for workshops being held in Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.


CoursesDaysCost ($US)Date/s 2019Country
Hot & Cold Stones Massage1$75.00May 19Barbados
Facial Skin Care1$75.00June 02Barbados
Indian Head Massage1$75.00June 09Barbados
First Aid Blended Therapeutic Oils1$75.00June 15Barbados
Reiki (Sat & Sun)2$287.50Jun 22 - 23Barbados
Prenatal Massage (Sat & Sun)2$175.00June 29 - 30Barbados
Colour Therapy & Crystals1$75.00July 07Barbados
Body Scrubs, Exfoliation & Wraps1$75.00July 14Barbados
Seated Chair Massage1$75.00July 21Barbados
Prenatal Massage (Sat & Sun)2$375.00July 27- 28Trinidad
Hot & Cold Stones Massage1$75.00August 04Barbados
Facial Rejuvenation 1$75.00August 11Barbados
Foot Reading1$75.00August 18Barbados
Bolus Making1$75.00August 25Barbados

Advanced Workshops

2019 CoursesDaysCost ($US)Date/sCountry
CranioSacral Therapy5$1250.00 (early bird)June 03 - 07Barbados
Maternity Reflexology5$987.00 (early bird)October 11, 12 & 14, 15Barbados
Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)11$TBD (early bird)Nov 23 - Dec 03 (to be confirmed)Barbados

Advance your career as a qualified practitioner.

CIBTAC International Diploma OR certificate Beginner Level 3 –
Massage or Reflexology Course


Anguilla Community College
George Hill

Starts: 30th August, 2019
Ends: April/May 2020 with final exams

DIPLOMA: USD $6850.00
Includes Exam Fees


Good Space – The Annexe
Mc Donald Street, Curepe

Starts: 9th September, 2019
Ends: April/May 2020 with final exams

DIPLOMA: USD $5424.00
Includes Exam Fees


Ascot Great House
St. Peter, Bridgetown

Starts: 21st September, 2019
Ends: April/May 2020 with final exams

DIPLOMA: BBD $6500.00
Includes Exam Fees

International Diploma or Certificate Course offered by the Caribbean School of Holistic Therapies

Whether you are a beginner looking for first-rate training or a qualified therapist wishing to further your knowledge and skills, consider registering for either the 8-month diploma course or the 5-month certificate course with international accreditation through the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC).

Explore career options in a host of exciting settings:

Private PracticeLuxurious Hotels Health ClubsRehabilitation CentresWellness CentresCruise LinesSpas

Why this diploma or certificate course?

Our courses lead to international qualifications that are recognised across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. The course will cover all four mandatory units:

1. Theory & Practice

Gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide treatments for the purposes of relaxation and stress release.

2. Ethics & Principles

Understand how to navigate the relationship between practitioner and client to ensure best practices.

3. Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

Develop working knowledge of the organisation of the body, and the structure, function and pathologies of the human body systems.

4. Business Practice*

Thinking of starting your own private business? Learn the management skills needed to run a successful business. *Diploma only.

View course outline for further details on the mandatory units.

Enter the rapidly growing profession of Holistic Therapy!

This course is suitable if you are changing careers, are new to the field of Holistic Therapy, or if you are currently working in a related profession and want to advance your skills.


Written AssignmentsMassage Treatments In-class Assessments Mock ExamsFinal Exams

Time Committment: 8 Months or 5 Months

– 5 days, one week per month

Diploma/Certificate Registration & Payment Deadlines

Registration Form submission and US $500 Non-refundable Deposit paid by 15th July 2019

Full course fees paid by 5th August 2019

Payment method
Wire Transfer (Anguilla, Trinidad & Tobago)
Bank Drafts, Cheques, Cash (Barbados)

Full details sent after Registration

The School

The Caribbean School of Holistic Therapies Health & Wellness (CSHTHW) is the only CIBTAC School in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Established since 2014, CSHTHW has had a high level of successful graduates from Diploma Courses and International Workshops. As the demand for holistic health practitioners is increasing, experiential learning techniques and all-round holistic approach to training provided by CSHTHW, equips students with the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide professional therapeutic treatments.

Your Tutors

The Caribbean School of Holistic Therapies Health & Wellness (CSHTHW) Directors are "Hinge & Bracket".

Barbara and Maxine are the Co-founders & Directors of The Caribbean School of Holistic Therapies Health & Wellness (CSHTHW). They share their combined expertise to cover all aspects of Holistic Therapy training and are currently expanding their teaching programmes throughout the Region. CSHTHW tutors candidates seeking a career change or those needing further training in advanced holistic therapy techniques.

Barbara Daniel-Goddard

Director & Trainer

Barbara is a highly-qualified, professional Therapeutic and Medical Massage Practitioner versed in the use of advanced massage techniques; Reflexology, MFR Release, MLD, Client Nutritional and Health Assessments, Postural Assessments, along with the use of Infrared Saunas for the improvement and sustainment of overall health which is actively used with clients who have or had cancer therapy or lupus, anti-ageing facial rejuvenation and more.

Maxine Harry

Director & Trainer

Maxine specialises in curative modalities, integrating therapies using advanced body and facial techniques. Her disciplines are focused on pain management skills and anti-aging with an overall holistic approach. Treatments are comprehensive and include LED Light Therapy, Sculpturing, Cupping, Gua sha, Ayurvedic Practices, Craniosacral, Aromatheraphy, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Pre & Postnatal Massage, Energy Healing with Reiki, Crystals, Sound and more.


Noteworthy was the depth, insight and knowledge of the tutors – Barbara Daniel-Goddard and Maxine Harry. Their combined years of experience and training, coalesced with their passion and commitment to our success, made for an exciting learning environment. Rigorous? Yes! Demanding at times? Yes! But the tutors cared and were readily available to guide, share and encourage. Worthy of mention was the small class size and the inherent benefits thereof. In reflection, I am grateful for having undertaken the CIBTAC course of study at CSHTHW and I am proud to be a graduate, internationally certified. Thanks CSHTHW!
• • •
Laura M. Franklin

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